Anna Lee is currently a student at Kennesaw State University in the department of Theatre and Performance Studies. She seeks to create art that inspires curiosity and growth in her community and in the people she works with.

Originally from Laurel, Maryland, Anna discovered her passion for Stage Management early on in her theatre career. At KSU she had many opportunities to grow as a Stage Manager working on new works, staged readings, plays, musicals, and showcases. Though all of these experiences were invaluable to her, Anna feels that her biggest growth as a leader was as an Executive Ignition Leader with the Office of Orientation, Transition, and Family Programs at KSU. She worked to manage large groups of Orientation guests while being courteous and informative. She was also largely in charge of the day to day tasks of the Ignition Leaders, which helped develop her interpersonal skills and ability to delegate tasks based on need and individual ability.

Anna has also worked as a student assistant for the Facilities Manager in the TPS department since 2015. During this time she had the opportunity to learn more about lighting, sound, organization, and problem solving. This is where she found her niche in the department and has felt the most valued for her knowledge and skill set.

In 2015 and 2016 she spent the summer as an Intern with Alliance Theatre Education. This was an incredible opportunity to work with many talented teaching artists and foster her love for working with children and doing children's theater. The Alliance has given her many opportunities to foster her creativity and organization skills.

In the future Anna hopes to continue to work in Stage Management while also finding opportunities to utilize her knowledge of tech theater. Her dream is to open a dinner theater and continue to work with people who motivate her to  be a better artist. If you made it this far on the page, she wants to personally thank you for being this interested in her life. You will probably like her blog.